Monday, September 9, 2013

Observer headlines for your website

If you manage a web site or blog, you know all about widgets.

A widget is a feature that you can download for use on your own web pages. There are thousands of them.

Now The Charlotte Observer has added one more that could be of special interest to your audience: Breaking news headlines from

It’s a window, essentially, to the top local news of the day. The headlines change constantly to reflect the latest developments. And if your web site or blog is focused on the Charlotte region, it could be especially appealing to your visitors.

The headlines are also links. A user who wants to read more about a particular story can click on it. Naturally, we hope people will do that at times. But we’ve also made it easy for those users to return to your site with the click of their “back” button.

We’re launching this feature with a choice of headline topics: Local News, Sports, Business, Opinion, Entertainment, Young Achievers and SciTech. Pick as many widgets as you would like to try.

Also, know that this is an idea still in development. We welcome your feedback to help us improve on it, including topics you’d like to see added.