Friday, September 6, 2013

In Saturday edition: Panthers special section

Practice and preseason are over. Now it's for real. And your Saturday Charlotte Observer makes it more so with a 16-page special section kicking off the regular season of the Carolina Panthers.

What's so special about it?

-- A cover story by Joseph Person on quarterback Cam Newton and middle linebacker Luke Kuechly, the cornerstones of the franchise and one of the best young tandems in the NFL.

-- The complete roster and depth chart, plus an analysis of the Panthers, position-by-position.

-- Game-by-game analysis of the Panthers schedule, by the Observer's Jonathan Jones.

Then, coming Sunday:

-- It's game day, Panthers versus the Seattle Seahawks. You'll find a four-page wrap around your sports section with all the details.

-- Also, in an exclusive interview, Cam Newton talks with Jonathan Jones about how he spent the off-season analyzing himself as a leader. And, how Newton learned from former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme.

Can't wait? Check out this video of Observer columnsts Scott Fowler and Tom Sorensen giving their predictions.

Watch for more video, beginning Sunday, as features game highlights for the Panthers and other NFL teams.


Cole Howell said...

Tom......I have known you for many years than we both want to admit......But ,,,,Why is your glass always ...." HALF EMPTY? "

Bayou Randy

Anonymous said...

exciting stuff but just one question...who is jack delhomme??

Anonymous said...

"Jack" was seen leaving the building, dragging a typo behind him. Jake is in his rightful place. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Dont you mean Providence Panthers?

There is no NFL team with the Panthers.

There is one locally from UNC called 49ers.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Delhomme has been working or is going to work with Cam Newton, I believe.

Till they get rid of Cam there is no game--we did better in preseason then Rivera and Shula. Cam has made the Panthers a laughingstock of football with his antics.

All he has is unearned hype and no game.