Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DNC apps for iPhone, iPad now available

You can now download iPhone and iPad versions of The Charlotte Observer's mobile app for the Democratic National Convention. Search for "DNC Charlotte Observer" in the Apple store.

An app for Android phones is available under the same search terms in the Android store.

All other smartphone users can get a web-based version by directing their browsers at www.conventioncharlotte.com.

All of these apps are free.

We've loaded them with lots of useful information, including breaking news on the convention, restaurant reviews, delegate profiles, shopping directories and maps to help you find your way around the convention. Also check out dozens of photos depicting life in the Queen City.

You may find the app taking more time than usual to download. Know that we are reducing the app's size to help alleviate this issue and hope to have another version posted soon. If you have trouble downloading now, please use the web-based version, listed above, which contains all of the same content.


Anonymous said...

Awesome ~ Great App! Can't wait for the DNC!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! The app looks great, packed with plenty of useful info.

Mark Eckert said...

LOL... More Android phones are sold than Apple but are left out... way to go, CO...

Rick Thames said...

Mark, read the blog. We released the Android version last week. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, and I can't wait!
I didn't think the file size was a problem ... it takes no longer than downloading The Daily or some other things I read.
Thanks for the great coverage.