Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Thursday's Observer: Delicious, simple recipes

Look inside Thursday's Observer for a sneak preview of Dash, a magazine devoted to simple, fast and delicious meals.

Dash is produced by Parade magazine, in partnership with some of the best known brands in recipe publishing: bon app├ętit, and Gourmet.

This introductory issue focuses on “Your easiest Thanksgiving ever.” The magazine will appear monthly in the Observer, beginning in February.

Much like Parade, Dash is entertaining and easy reading. But in keeping with the theme, you’ll find an added emphasis on usefulness.

For instance, each of the five dishes featured for Thanksgiving can be made ahead of time. The magazine includes your own checklist for the grocery isle.

Other features include tailgating recipes, party dishes, a taste-test of instant cocoas (and, yes, they pick a favorite) and what to do with the leftover turkey.

You will find many more recipes from the magazine - updated daily - on's Food page.

Also, check out the magazine's Website, One helpful feature of the site is the user’s option to break down its archive of recipes into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We hope you enjoy both the magazine and the site. Let us know what you think.